Getting Your Home Spring Ready

Well, the first day of Spring is officially here, and just like most people I am getting my house de-winterized and ready for the warmer weather. Most likely after all the winter months your home needs a little “sprucing,” and while the to-do list is long, most people ask what will actually help my home the most? Or what Spring improvements will improve the value/curb appeal of my home?

Here are some small home updates that make BIG improvements to your home:

Clean up the curb appeal! People notice when the exterior of a home isn’t well-kept, and that creates first impressions to home buyers. Most times all that needs to be done is a fresh grass cut, trimming the bushes, and some fresh flowers. I also suggest power washing the driveway and/or sidewalk (you can rent power washers at your local home improvement store!) if needed.

Freshen up the interior! I don’t know about you, but my house starts to smell stale after being closed up all winter. Often the easiest way to fix that is to change the scent plug-ins and cleaners you are already using (I like Spring/floral scents!). Take a look at this link for some awesome recipes for make-at-home cleaners:

Floral arrangements like the one below are perfect ways to vary the look of your home (and you can use faux flowers with scented oils spritzed on them!)

Give your outdoor area/backyard a face lift! Outdoor living areas are all the rage currently, and no one likes a dirty place to hangout. It can be as easy as power washing your outdoor furniture (with the equipment you already rented from Home Depot!), adding some fresh plants, and re-painting those cracked and dirty decor items. I absolutely love metallic spray paint (like the one on this awesome blog: for a quick touch up!

Looking for more inspiration but can’t do it yourself? Check out this little known gem of a site called Havenly that will do the work for you! They are a web based interior decorating company that lets you pay per room to get interior decor tips (and they will even tell you where to buy the items!).

Happy Spring Y’all!!

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How to Design a Dream Closet – IG Post

How to Design a Dream Closet

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The 10 Hottest Houston Neighborhoods

Every year the Houstonia Magazine posts an article about the top 10 hottest Houston areas, how have things changed in 2018?

Well, for starters, buying vs renting is addressed as well as a few new neighborhoods (some which you may not expect) were added into the mix.

Think Clear Lake and the Hobby Area. Sound crazy? Maybe not so much. Houston is a constantly changing city, and investment opportunities are also changing.

Let’s talk about East Downtown Houston, or EaDo. What used to be a solely industrial area is now booming with new businesses and town home complexes on every corner. A good investment? Probably. Mostly because price per square foot is relatively low compared to areas like the Heights and Montrose.

And lastly, what about the Heights? While the area remains slightly inflated in price, don’t expect home values to drop anytime soon. With the recent alcohol sales bill passing and HEB construction underway, young DINKS (double income no kids) continue to flock to the area. If you decide to take a quick drive down Shepherd or Yale you’ll notice the ever new shopping centers, eateries, and wine bars. Interested in moving? You had better prepare your bank account!

Check out the article below for other areas not discussed (I promise I’m not partial ;)) Happy Monday!

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